About Us

We did things the hard way so you don't have to.

There's a whole bunch of stuff no one manages to tell you about growing up. You learn to read. You learn to tie your shoes. If you're extra lucky you're aware you need to pay taxes every once in a while. But for the most part, no one tells you how to do stuff.

Like washing walls? Apparently, you're supposed to do that. Do you own a hole saw? Turns out that at some point in your adult life you'll need to.

Because of who we are as people, we figured out some of this stuff the hardest way possible. Now we want to share what we learned and save you a bit of hassle.

 Gwenna Laithland is a mom of three, a chaotic cook, and founder of Momma Cusses. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, Jackson.

She spent a decade in content marketing before deciding to do some shit for herself.

 Tori Phantom is a mom of three and measures everything with their heart. They started @toriphantom in December of 2019 and started waffling shit. 

They live in Kentucky with their husband Jim and have a serious thing for The Beatles.

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