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The Mom Cook Book FAQs

-Will you be releasing this in hard copy?

At the moment The Mom Cook Book is only available as a downloadable PDF. Turns out printing books is an expensive gig. In order to get you the recipes at a price point we felt was reasonable, a downloadable PDF felt like the best option.

-Can I get this as a Kindle or ePub format?

Right now we've elected to keep it a PDF. Mostly because we don't actually know how to make those other formats. We are great at cooking and being ridiculous on the internet, book formatting is not our strong suit. However most eReaders can and will read PDF, so check to see if yours can open PDF and you might be all set.

-Where can I buy The Mom Cook Book?

The Mom Cook Book is exclusively available on, the website Tori and Gwenna created to sell The Mom Cook Book, any related merchandise that may be created, and future collaborative projects. There are no plans to release this to other platforms at this time.

-Can I share the PDF with my friends and family?

Technically, you can. We can't and won't stop you. But also, maybe please don't. Tori and Gwenna worked really hard on the cook-off and the cookbook it created. If you'd like to share our efforts and astoundingly good recipes with your friends, we hope you'll purchase additional copies. For us, this is our livelihood and we cannot express how much we appreciate your support.

-Will there be a second cookbook?

Potentially. We are working on other projects together and we will keep you all updated as things line up and come together.

-Do you have any other products or merchandise available for purchase?

Related to The Mom Cook Book or the TikTok Mom Cook-off directly? No. Just the cookbook. However, Gwenna and Tori each have merch lines available on their personal websites.

Click here for Momma Cusses Merchandise.

Click here for ToriPhantom Merchandise.

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